Christmas Market 2014 Stall Holders

Saturday 20th December                Sunday 21st December 

Sugarberry (Cakes and Pies)                                     Sugarberry
Orn's Thai Pies                                                             Barbara Hurst
Forsters Organic Meats                                              Garden Festival Company
Tiger Muffin Soaps                                                      John Butterworth (Range of Gifts, great for Christmas Presents)
Raven Rose Preserves                                                 Raven Lazer Cut (Wooden Crafts)
Shaws Meats                                                                 Jenny Wilson (Art Kits)
Paton and Parr The Family Chocolatiers              Taking The Biscuit 
Barbara Hurst (Photographic Cards)                     Bill Chesser (Wood Turned Products) 
W & EF Neale (Fresh Veg)                                        Lakeland Punch
Garden Festival Company                                         Oscars Dog Biscuits 
Marina Quay Fisheries                                              Essell Creations (Oil Paintings, Dressmaking and Accessories)
The French Corner (Fresh Breads)                         More stalls to be confirmed
Oscars Dog Biscuits 
Danielle (Christmas Decorations) 
Ken Crisp (Variety of flavors of Peanut Butter)
Taking The Biscuit 
Bill Chesser (Wood Turned Products)
Lakeland Punch (Non Alcoholic) 
Alec Pimblet (Leather Goods)
SSK Caterers (Indian Cuisine)